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Roy Support Changing the Gang's Game, Roy support The Steven Odom Charity Basketball Games, for stopping the violence amoung youth.



Let us work together to save our homes.


We support ROY OWENS for CITY COUNCILLOR DISTRICT-7, because he support the Steven Odom Peace for Charity Basketball to CHANGE THE GAME and keep the children SAFE. David, Melody,Ariana, Roy, Devon and Tiffanuy


Roy speaking and working with the clergy. Roy support Faith Base Programs. Vote For Roy Owens in the City Primary September, 2019 and the final on November 06, 2019.


A friend in need is a friend indeed together we stand and divided we fall, we are human, we are people, we are somebody let us stand together, with our brother Roy Owens. *IN MEMORY OF* (Yvonne Simpson)