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Dear Voter;  My name is Roy Owens.  My wife and I have four children.   I am running for STATE SENATOR 2ND SUFFOLK, because I love my family and I love my community.  I believe a person, who does not take care of his family is worse than an infidel.    I am the only pro- life and pro family candidate on the ballot.  Pro-Life, meaning I am opposed to abortion, which kills 1.3 millions innocent babies a year.  Since Rowe vs. Wade over 53 millions innocent babies have been killed.  I am pro- family, which means a heterosexual relationship between a man and a woman.   History has shown us this is the only way we have to bring children into this world.  This will not happen if my opponents are elected and have their way.   My opponent, Sonia Chang-Diaz have traditionally  supported unhealthy  gay life style  and campaigning   against traditional family and moral values, and for pro- abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-lesbian, pro-gay and pro-same sex marriage.  They believe the gay life style is the politically correct life style for our children. They are using the gay life style as a catalysis to change religion, education, housing, youth services and economical job opportunities in federal, state and city services. This life style may be good for some communities; however, it is destroying the African American family. The murder rate in the communities of color is similar to the abortion rates of 70%.  I believe there has been enough killing.     People of color make up approximately 70% of all abortions.  Among men, Black males makeup 70% of all Aids Cases, and 80% of Black Females among women. Drugs and aids are an epidemic with our youth and we need treatment on demand.  According to statistics approximately 85% of all people who used drugs are Caucasians.  Black Americans make up approximately 15% of the over all population and 85% of the prison population. Massachusetts lead the nation for 2nd trimester abortion and most abortion clinic are located around the African American community. It has been predicted, by the year 2020 80% of the black population between the age of 15 and 50 will be wiped out by aids, drug, prison and other infectious disease. 

Black lives Matter, Being black in America, and England mean being shot dead and your home burned and in Libya shot dead, hung, throat cut, women are raped by American special forces and where mass murders is committed every day by  American booms dropped through out Africa in the name of  humanitarian aide, help Roy lift our voices, for our nation, our people and the glory of our God.

 We are dying at twice the birth rate from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Our population is decreasing, our schools are closing, and we losT a seat in congress IN 2013 due to abortion, and other self inflicted wounds because we are sleeping through a revolution.  Our houses are on fire and our first jobs are putting out the fire.  If we are ashamed to stand up for the family and  our children then Christ will be ashamed to stand up for us in JudgmentYour vote for Roy Owens STATE SENATOR 2ND SUFFOLK,  on PRIMARY Thursday September 08  AND FINAL NOVEMBER 08, 2016 will send a strong message to Boston, and the World we are serious about CHANGE.



 Roy Owens for



 "We are People, We are Human,

          We are Somebody"


Rodman Business School, Computer Science

Roxbury Community college, A.A. Education

Boston State / U-Mass B.S. Education

Gordon Seminary, Certificate


Teacher, Boston Public Schools

Coach Foot Ball and Basket Ball,

Cathedral High School

Social Worker, Department of Public Welfare

Law Enforcement, Department of Correction

Finance, Major New England Bank

Past and Present Activities / Boards /  Memberships;

Founding Member of the Woodville Neighborhood Association

Boston State Hospital Advisory, Participant

Greater Roxbury Neighborhood, Organizer

Founding Member of the Citywide Parents Advisory council, chairperson

Founding Member of the Madison Park community School

NAACP Member

Franklin  Park Zoological Society, Member

Red Socks Rookie Baseball, Organizer

 Church of God in Christ, Member

Founding Member of The Walthall Chapel C.O.G.I.C.

Founding Member of the Blacks for Empowerment

Founding Member of the Grove Hall Special Event Committee

Founding Member of the Save the Children Ministries

Founding Member of the Save the Children Broadcast

Founding Member of the D.S.N.I.



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Roy Owens For STATE SENATOR , Vote Sept, 08 and Nov, 08, 2016

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