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  Vote TUESDAY September  and Final Tuesday Nov, 06 2019




   Hello, I am Roy Owens and I am asking for your vote for CITY COUNCILLOR DIST- 7, Tuesday September, 2019. I am fighting for our community promoting traditional family values, common sense, and a safe neighborhood for our children as well as dependable care for our senior citizens.

   We as African Americans and people of color have been by tradition a Holy and Spiritual people. My opponents have failed to take a stand against laws forcing pastors to promote same-sex life style in their Churches or face jail and large fines. (Laws written by Sonia Chang-Diaz and support by Michelle Wu and other city Councilors). We are dying from self-inflicted wounds, suppression of the Freedom of Speech, and Religious Worship. People of Faith have no voice in the Massachusetts State House or in Boston City Hall.

     We as African American and people of color are dying at twice the rate of our birth from drugs, murder, abortion, disease, alcohol and other substance abuses that are supported by my opponents.

   My opponents support the destructive polices of who support the destruction of the African American Community for a fist full of dollars and the support of mainstream establishment. This include their offer of up to 25 new liquor licenses for $3,000 -$4,000 along the Blue Hill Avenue Corridor that are worth over $500,000; for anyone who can take the land from the people who lives in District-7. The number of licenses can be increased with population by request.
    My opponent’s actions are causing a raid on public and private properties. By their action District-7 has been single out for a 30% back door tax hike, which took effective Jan 1, 2016, with big rent increases to follow.   In one year property values in District-7 has risen from $100,000 to over $600,000 dollars.   The new liquor laws does not apply to the whole city of Boston. See House Bill H.3913 and Bill H.4377.

     The City Of Boston will be holding the residents of Roxbury hostage for the next twenty years, dangling these liquor licenses, like a carrot in front of a donkey, approving a few every year. This will keep the speculators buying, and the cost of homes, rents and taxes high until the poor and middle classes are forced out of the city. 7-Eleven has moved to control the alcohol and marijuana drug market in Massachusetts. Last month they bought up hundreds of stores including Tedeschi as they have done in Denver, Colorado. Other cities and town has move to protect their youth by outlawing abortion clinics, marijuana, liquor stores and other shops harmful to their communities.

     Big landlords, such as First Suffolk LLC are converting the once subsidized units to market-rate rental housing, and for tenants who cannot pay the increases, they are asking for a no fault-eviction. Whereas, Roxbury is the heart of the City of Boston, Low income apartments are being replaced with luxury apartments or condominiums._________________________________________________________

   The City of Boston, has requested that the leadership of Boston, design a plan to stop violence this summer. I am asking you to join me at Walthall Chapel located at 236 Blue Hill Avenue for Prayer Monday through Friday from 12:00 Noon until 1:00 PM. Together we can Save Boston and the world,


     If you are not ashamed of your God take a stand with Roy Owens for CITY COUNCILLOR DIST-7, Tuesday September, 2019 and Tuesday Nov, 06. 2019. Volunteer @ 617-516-6163.


 Roy Owens for



 "We are People, We are Human,

          We are Somebody"


Rodman Business School, Computer Science

Roxbury Community college, A.A. Education

Boston State / U-Mass B.S. Education

Gordon Seminary, Certificate


Teacher, Boston Public Schools

Coach Foot Ball and Basket Ball,

Cathedral High School

Social Worker, Department of Public Welfare

Law Enforcement, Department of Correction

Finance, Major New England Bank

Past and Present Activities / Boards /  Memberships;

Founding Member of the Woodville Neighborhood Association

Boston State Hospital Advisory, Participant

Greater Roxbury Neighborhood, Organizer

Founding Member of the Citywide Parents Advisory council, chairperson

Founding Member of the Madison Park community School

NAACP Member

Franklin  Park Zoological Society, Member

Red Socks Rookie Baseball, Organizer

 Church of God in Christ, Member

Founding Member of The Walthall Chapel C.O.G.I.C.

Founding Member of the Blacks for Empowerment

Founding Member of the Grove Hall Special Event Committee

Founding Member of the Save the Children Ministries

Founding Member of the Save the Children Broadcast

Founding Member of the D.S.N.I.


ROY OWENS for City Councillor District 7

ROY OWENS for City Councillor District 7

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ROY OWENS for City Councillor District - 7 Primary September and Final November 6, 2019

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